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A trademark is a sign that individualizes the goods of a given enterprise and distinguishes them from the goods of its competitors (WIPO Intellectual Property handbook, 2004). Some of the known trademarks include; Coca cola, BMI, KFC, Microsoft, MC Donald, Google, Vodafone, Kodak, Rolex and so many others around the world. All these were created by business-minded people and promoted to what they are now by the same people meaning that you can also start on your journey of promoting on your business by creating a business name, which eventually will grow into a strong brand name to a known a trademark. This all happens if you name your business, product or service and then focus on marketing it aggressively for everyone to identify it on the market not forgetting registering it with an Intellectual Property office of your country for a TRADE MARK and gain a competitive advantage over it.

Therefore, for the owner of the product to be able to distinguish his product from other similar products on the market, he has to have a brand name, which at many times considered as the trade mark of the product or a service.

In order to individualize a product for the consumer, the trademark must indicate its source so that the consumer can trust a given enterprise being responsible of the product sold under that trademark. So in other words, it is advisable for all products, services put on the market to have a brand name inform of a trademark, and it must indicate its source to win customer trust as well as loyalty.

Therefore, when starting up a business, try as much as possible to name your products or services so that the customers can easily identify you on the market and distinguish your products and services from other similar products, which might confuse them.

On top of that, a business without a brand name is like a clock, which does not move, as it can never grow to another level due to being unknown on the market. Also a good brand name just like coca cola attracts customers and keep ringing to the customers whenever they think of buying a related product thus customer loyalty to your products and services. However, all this can happen if you market your products and services with a trademark.

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