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Intellectual Property and Gender Equality

Men and women are equally creative and innovative. Yet, women remain under-represented in many areas.

Get to learn more about Gender Equality

IP and Gender: Speaking

IP commercialization

commercialization of intellectual property assets

Let grooming a successful woman with intellectual mind help you deliver great output from your innovations that will enable you move forward and take action. You will generate impactful reward with a talk that will be completely customized for you. Transform an idea into a product which is well branded for commercial value.

(Product Expo. for women entrepreneurs organized by WIPO through its Division for the LDCs incorporation with GSWIM & URSB.)


IP Protection

protection of intellectual property assets

Through Grooming a Successful Woman with Intellectual Mind, we help you to guarantee ownership on your intellectual property assets like copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and geographical indications plus others. We ensure they are registered with Uganda Registrations Services Bureau (URSB). 

GSWIM helps you in acquiring this protection through trainings on how to secure protection over your Creations and Innovations so that you can gain a competitive advantage,


Benefits of IP protection

Why should we protect intellectual property assets?

By subscribing to Grooming a Successful Woman with Intellectual mind, we shall make sure you enjoy the different benefits of IP Protection that's to say, When you protect you Intellectual Property assets like trademarks, you win the right of excluding the competitors and this can stimulate your wealth to economic prosperity.

Gender Equality

We encourage the participation of women in the Economic development by initiating them into different creative and innovative activities.

Before, women have always been creative in coming up with new business ventures and innovations but just that their efforts have not been considered as expected.

It's a call to appreciate the efforts of women into Economic development as this will attract many of them..


GSWIM Participating at the panel of Closing the Gender gap using Intellectual Property organized by WIPO ON 12.10.2021.

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