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Intellectual Property Training

Encouraging women to be creative and innovative for self-sustainability


Through Intellectual Property trainings, GSWIM empowers women to be innovative and creative to their maximum potential. This encourages them to come up with new business ideas which are transformed into products for commercial value. This has not only empowered women, but improved on their well-being and self sustainability to look after their households.

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GSWIM Trainings: Speaking

Success in business is putting things right from the start. GSWIM is now supporting the different groups with limited resources to join effort and form a fully registered business trading under one brand name for a quicker growth. This is to help them protect their business name as they build on their brand towards a common goal of business growth and development in the community which will result into improved welfare at the individual basis through sharing profits to revive on their affected personal businesses. We are doing this as a mentor-ship program from grassroots to development using Intellectual Property basics.


Empowering youths from Hope for Street Kids and Vulnerable People Foundation with Creative knowledge for a sustainable future.

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