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Women Empowerment News and Events

Two Projects running under GSWIM which are being supported by ILaED.ORG: 1. is Supporting Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Growth in Rural Areas and 2. is Empowering Women in Art & Crafts for Economic Value in Uganda; a project which is promoting women doing handcrafts. This project is to be officially launched on 10th. March. 2022. Today GSWIM & ILaED.ORG have met some of the women who are into handcrafts to be empowered on how to improve on their creativity for promotional purposes.


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WOMEN IN ARTS & CRAFTS: A skills training today at GSWIM offices for women doing handcrafts and interior designs. This is a project which empowers women into art s & crafts to improve on their talents for unique products which are competitive in the market. #ILaED.ORG #GSWIM. Visit our website for more information about our events and activities.

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Current Project Activity

GSWIM is identifying and selecting a new group for the WIPO, URSB & GSWIM Project on Intellectual Property for Branding and Product Development to women entrepreneurs from the four regions of Uganda; Northern, Eastern, Western and Central.

This group is to go through the Mentorship program and acquire a Trademark for their products or services at the end of the 6 months mentorship program. By acquiring a trademark, the business gains a competitive advantage to out compete other similar businesses for a quicker growth.

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