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Copyright deals with the rights of Intellectual Creators in their creation. Most works for example; books, music, paintings, and drawings etc exist only once they are embodied in a physical object. But some of them exist without embodiment in a physical object for example; music and poems.

Copyright protection is above all one of the means of promoting, enriching and disseminating the national cultural heritage. A country’s development depends to a very great extent on the creativity of its people, and encouragement of individual creativity and its dissemination is a sine qua non for progress (WIPO Intellectual Property Hand book, 2004).

Therefore, copyright is the art of being creative to a fixed product such as music, films, art work, poems, and so many creative works which are valuable. So copyright is some ones property just like a land tittle which needs authorization from the owner before its being used for commercial benefits.

Take note that: no one has a right to use your creative work without your authorization. By authorization we mean any person who is to use your creative work has to first get an authorization inform of a license for him or her to use you work for gain.

On that, any creativity you come up with results into commercial benefits inform of royalty payment.

For more information, visit the WIPO website:

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