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Grooming a Successful Woman with Intellectual Mind is an organization which empowers and inspires women to be successful through using Intellectual Property knowledge (creativity and innovation). GSWIM focuses on growing women by changing their mindset and encouraging them to come up with unique business ideas which are transformed into products or businesses for commercial value. This is through Intellectual Property registration to have a competitive advantage over the market.


Seeing women with a very big potential of commitment when it comes to achieving their goals, GSWIM gives out an opportunity to women to maximize their full creative and innovative ideas to success. We strongly believe that it is a matter of a woman changing her mindset, knowing her purpose in life, following her dreams and working within her personal vision to live a successful life.

GSWIM also believes in women’s Intellectual mind for creativity to participate to the growth of the economy to that of men.


To Promote innovation and creativity amongst women through using Intellectual Property as a tool for growth and development.



1. To create Intellectual property understanding amongst women.

2. To ensure women use of Intellectual Property (IP) tools in promotion of innovation and creativity.

3. To empower women on the use of IP as a tool for business establishment and development through field visits.

4. To identify and address barriers to gender equality through research, empowerment and sensitization.



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